Immune Support AND a Solution for Food Allergies?

lab mouse allergyMillions of Americans suffer from food allergies. The number of kids with allergies has doubled in less than one generation. Scientists are trying to figure out what has caused this increase, but one of the directions being looked at closely is changes in our gut microflora.

Our intestines house trillions of bacteria, which have been shown to not only aid in digestion, but influence our overall health, our immune system and even our mood. One of the biggest changes in the gut population occurs when antibiotics are administered. The use of antibiotics has risen dramatically in correlation with allergies so scientists have been trying to determine if there is a correlation.

I know from my own experience that, compared with life before Juice Plus+ when I needed antibiotics 3 or 4 times every single year (I was in the “antibiotic of the month club”), in the last 21 years I have only used antibiotics 3 or 4 times in total. My immune system today is in the best shape of my entire 68 year life – thanks to my gut health, my immune health and Juice Plus+!

In tests on mice, immunology researchers at the University of Chicago were able to demonstrate that exposure to antibiotics early in life led to a higher rate of allergies. When the researchers introduced Clostridia, a type of bacteria that is found in mammalian guts, to the mouths and stomachs of the allergic mice, the allergy disappeared.

While these are very preliminary findings, continued work in this area may eventually lead to probiotics that help treat people with allergies. More information can be found in this article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Gut empowers your Immune System

Gut health is one of the most reliable indicators of Immune Health.

Since this is flu season, and concern about even more dangerous viruses is constantly in the headlines these days, you would do well to listen to Dr. Matt Brown on the subject.

Matt Brown, MD (Internal Medicine) is an avid, competitive mountain biker and an expert on the human immune system and how our gut health impacts our whole health.

Listen to Dr. Matt here. You’ll be glad you did!