Dental Health and Juice Plus+

In more than 30 published clinical studies, researchers tell us what Juice Plus+ does on the inside and outside.  Here is an overview of the Juice Plus+ research published, completed and still underway.

How Juice Plus+ contributes to a healthier smile

Frank Eggleston, DDS

In the first clinical study of Juice Plus+ from a dental perspective, researchers at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (full article) recently completed the clinical phase of their analysis of the impact of  Juice Plus+ on measures of gum health in 60 adults.

“Everyone knows about brushing and flossing,” explains Frank Eggleston, D.D.S. and President of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. “But good nutrition is just as critical to dental health. It helps you build a healthier mouth from the inside out – healthier bone, healthier nerves, and healthier gum tissue.”

Dr. Eggleston has been eagerly anticipating the Birmingham results. “They analyzed two things that are very important to us dentists – pocket depth and gingival attachment.”

Dr. Eggleston explains each term. “There is a pocket around every tooth, like a moat around a castle. If that pocket gets too deep, then we get into dental problems. But if that pocket is shallow, then we can actually get to that area through flossing and brushing and keep it clean. The second term – gingival attachment – is like a belt around the tooth that keeps it planted rock solid in the bone.

“Improved gingival attachment leads to improved bone attachment underneath.” Dr. Eggleston continues. “Improving both pocket depth and gingival attachment means that the tooth is planted more firmly in the bone and supported by strong, pink tissue that can be kept healthy and clean.”

“If Juice Plus+ is shown to improve either of these factors, it would be impressive,” Dr. Eggleston suggests. “But if it improves both – as I expect – it simply corroborates what I’ve experienced in my own practice. I’ve put so many patients with unhealthy, bleeding gums on Juice Plus+ – and then they come back a few months later either not bleeding at all or bleeding very little. Their gum tissue is no longer red and beefy, but pink and beautiful.

“To a dentist, it’s the look of health,” Dr. Eggleston concludes. “And healthier gums lead to healthier teeth and a more beautiful smile.”

Another study is taking place in Würzburg Germany, where they are studying the effects of Juice Plus+ on the outcome of established periodontal treatment in patients with poor gum health.

Many dentists have already seen the benefits of Juice Plus+ in the mouths of their patients. As a result many of them began taking Juice Plus+ themselves and providing it to their families.

Now hundreds of dentists around the world are recommending Juice Plus+ and seeing even greater benefits in their patients and in their practices, where whole food nutrition is a perfect fit with preventative dentistry. You can watch Dr. Eggleston in this short video below.

Please watch Dr. Eggleston together with 7 other doctors, in the video below.