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Small Changes Add Up

oscTrying to change your diet—or make other healthful changes, such as becoming more physically active—doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. It’s much better to make One Simple Change at a time.

By taking Juice Plus+, you can join hundreds of thousands of other people in making One Simple Change.* What’s really powerful about Juice Plus+, though, is that it’s been proven to help jumpstart your physical journey to better health, and to help you gradually make other simple changes at your own pace.

Whether you’ve been taking Juice Plus+ for a month, a year, or (like us) two decades, we invite you to join new Juice Plus+ customers in making another One Simple Change every 30 days for the next four months. Think about choosing each simple change from one of these core areas: hydration, healthy eating, physical activity, or sleep and stress.

Pick something simple that you’ll actually do: drink one more glass of water every day, or add five minutes to your walk. Replace one or two fast-food meals each week with a healthier alternative, such as a tasty Juice Plus+ Complete smoothie. Or accept one thought fewer from your inner self-critic (boo!) and one more from your inner cheerleader (you can do it!).

Small shifts in your health habits can ripple outward to expand your sense of well-being. And that, in turn, can motivate you to make yet another One Simple Change.

“A Goal Is a Dream With an Action Plan” – That’s what Bill Sears, MD, has to say about change. Need some inspiration to find your One Simple Change? Watch “Jumpstart Your Journey With Juice Plus+.”

*See what more than 200,000 Juice Plus+ customers have reported in the Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study.