Things We Learned About Tower Garden in 2013

418170_10150662195742976_621352975_9016215_825980200_nTower Garden by Juice Plus+ is now sweeping the nation. We have been gardening with this wonderful aeroponic gardening system now for over 2 years and love it.

Tower Garden is a plug and play, state-of-the-art, vertical, aeroponic growing system.

It is easy to assemble and fun for the whole family to watch your food grow from seed to an abundant harvest in just a few weeks, ready to eat.

Tower Garden fits easily on sunny patios, decks or rooftop gardens.

Using aeroponics and our specially formulated Tower Tonic plant food, the Tower Garden grows almost any vegetable, herb, or flower – and many fruits – in much less time than it takes in soil.

Tower Garden gives you more control of your and your family’s wellness by making it easy to grow nutritious, great-tasting vegetables and fruits at home.

And it’s a smart choice, both environmentally and economically.

We have learned a lot ourselves and from our customers and other Tower Gardeners; here are eight things we learned about Tower Garden in 2013:

1. Tower Gardeners love to share.

From growing tips and photos to recipes and even excess product, our customers have impressed us with their enthusiasm for sharing Tower Garden.

Future Growing2. The Farm-to-table movement is going strong.

Tower Garden fits nearly anywhere, including backyards, porches, balconies and rooftops.

This benefit has inspired many people to start farms and restaurants that utilize Tower Garden’s high level of efficiency to deliver more fresh produce to customers. See examples of commercial applications of Tower Garden here »

3. People around the country are discovering Tower Garden.

With new Tower Gardeners in Colorado, Massachusetts, Florida, Oklahoma, Montana, Arizona, Hawaii and more (just about every state in fact), the number of people growing the fun and simple way is steadily increasing throughout the US.

We expect to see that steady pace increase as the word spreads and more people see what is possible with Tower Garden.

High Output LED Lighting Kit4. Gardening year-round is getting easier.

With the help of small greenhouses and/or Tower Garden Grow Lights, year-round growing has become possible for many of us living in areas with cold climates. We live in Colorado and last winter we had two Tower Gardens giving us a harvest while living in our garage.

5. Tower Garden can change lives.

We were moved and inspired by the many Tower Garden stories. It’s been amazing to see all the positive effects Tower Garden has had on families nation-wide.

harvest6. Tower Gardens produce A LOT.

We knew Tower Garden is capable of producing big yields faster than is possible with a soil garden. But the photos of massive Tower Garden harvests shared on Facebook impressed us on a regular basis.

A study last summer by the University of Mississippi will be published soon, showing a 30% greater yield from the Tower Garden compared to traditional growing methods, together with significant increases in the nutritional value of the produce grown.

7. Tower Garden is still a garden.

While Tower Garden makes gardening much simpler, it’s difficult to completely eliminate some growing troubles, such as pests and pollination. But natural pest control and simple hand-pollination techniques take care of many issues growers might encounter. Help is also available through our Tower Talk Forum and our Facebook Page.

children8. Growing with Tower Garden is often a family affair.

Through our Family Photo Contest, we found that Tower Garden plays an important role in bringing families together and encouraging kids to eat healthy.

A recent study published in the Journal of Pediatrics concluded: “Children who participate in gardening activities are more interested in eating fruits and vegetables.”

We are also excited that many kindergartens and elementary schools are Tower Gardening to give their students an invaluable early gardening experience.

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about Tower Garden.