Recognizing Special Mothers on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day tomorrow, we not only want to recognize and thank all mothers, but share a heartfelt story of one of our own Juice Plus+ doctors, Dr. Tina Jones. Doctor Jones lost her mother to heart disease at a young age and since then has committed herself to helping others live a healthier lifestyle, including her own family.Dr. Jones always had a desire to be a doctor, and her passion grew even stronger when her mother had a heart attack at the age of 39. Like most medical students at that time, Dr. Jones did not learn much about nutrition, but she came to believe that her mother’s health problems were rooted in her diet. “My mother was a wonderful cook but she was a Southern cook,” Dr. Jones says. “Her family was from Orangeburg, South Carolina, and she cooked and ate Southern food her whole life. It’s what I grew up eating, too.”

Soon, Dr. Jones realized if she wanted to be there for her own children, it was time to make some lifestyle changes. She began studying and learning the importance of a healthy diet and the importance of adding fruits and vegetables to our diets on a consistent, daily basis. Of course, her inspiration to become healthy wasn’t only rooted in the loss of her mother, but for her own children as well. As a young mother, Dr. Jones began fixing her children fruits and vegetables at a young age, helping them acquire a taste for fruits and vegetables very early in life. She even added Juice Plus+ to her family’s diet as well.

Jones reminds us, “If you want to be well, you have to eat well − and most people just don’t eat well. They don’t eat fruits and vegetables consistently and they don’t eat a wide variety.” For Tina Jones, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about feeling well, but having the ability to watch her children grow up, go to their graduations and weddings, and watch them fulfill their dreams.

Dr. Jones is just one of many inspirational mothers doing their part to help their families live a long, healthy life. This mother’s day, we want to celebrate all the moms out there promoting healthy living among your families – whether its preparing a healthy snack, getting the family outside for physical activity or making sure your family takes their Juice Plus+!