Why People Lose Weight When They Go Gluten Free

From our wonderful friends at Fooducate:
Gluten free joke“Gluten free”: A favorite claim in the food packaging world.Gluten free bread, gluten free cookies, gluten free pasta, gluten free water, gluten free gluten. The whole world’s gone gaga for gluten free. It seems every man and his dog are preaching the benefits of gluten free diets. What does the science say? Fad, fiction, fact or downright foolish?

But first, what is celiac disease? It is an autoimmune disease where the body reacts negatively to gluten…

Why people lose weight when they go gluten free:

  1. A gluten free diet is daunting and restrictive
  2. Many high calorie ‘junk’ foods can no longer be eaten
  3. Many staple foods like bread, cereal and pasta can no longer be eaten either
  4. Fresh, low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables (naturally gluten free) are cheap and easy options.

Ta-da! Cutting out the hamburgers, pies, Corn Flakes, cakes and cookies, coupled with eating more fruit and vegetables… Sounds like a solid recipe for weight loss. It’s gluttony rather than gluten that is to blame for weight problems.

Next up: Packaging! On an excursion to my local supermarket, I perused the aisles and found some great visual aids… Please read the full article.

Here’s the take home gossip from this gloriously glutinous gab-fest:

  • Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease requiring a lifelong gluten free diet to prevent chronic intestinal damage
  • Without diagnosed celiac disease, there is nothing wrong with gluten in your diet. It comes down to portion size and selecting whole grain options
  • “Gluten free” foods are not automatically healthy

It’s important to know that ALL Juice Plus+ products are gluten-free, so those will celiac or other forms of gluten intolerance are safe to enjoy the Juice Plus+ Experience.