Is Organic Produce Healthier and Does it Really Matter?

The web is abuzz with news of a recent meta-study (published in The British Journal of Nutrition – June 2014) that proves that organic produce is healthier than conventional. The study analyzed data from over 300 peer-reviewed articles and found that:

  • Organic crops have lower pesticide residues (the frequency of pesticides in conventional foods was 4 times higher than in organic food)
  • Organic crops are higher in some antioxidants such as phenolic acids, flavanones, stilbenes, flavones, flavonols and anthocyanins. Antioxidants are linked to lower risks of cancer.
  • Organic crops had significantly lower levels of toxic cadmium compared to conventional crops.

So, the question is – should you and I switch to eating exclusively organic?

The answer, surprisingly, is not that simple… It all depends!

Fact: most people are not eating the right kind of food. Most eat too much meat and fatty dairy,  and too little plants; too many processed snacks, too little real foods; almost only refined sugars and flours, instead of whole grains.

Modern eating habits have a much more profound effect on most people’s health than does their decision whether or not to buy organic produce.

For the majority of us, going organic is “like doing advanced Algebra when you are still struggling with the multiplication table” ( We should start with the simple, basic decision to eat more vegetables and less junk food.

Don’t misunderstand me, the organic movement is super important. It does matter: sustainability, animal welfare, reduction of pesticide and hormone use ; these are all important on a regional, national, and global level. Organic produce is our choice, too.

It’s just that “organic” sometimes blinds people as to what they can do to improve their diets. There’s a lot you can do to eat healthier, starting with conventional foods. For example, if you think you need more antioxidants – just eat more fruits and vegetables.

If you can afford organic produce, then go for it … and enjoy!

If not, don’t use that as an excuse not to buy conventionally grown fruits and vegetables… and eat them!

People often ask: “Is Juice Plus+ organic?” For those who eat ONLY organic produce, that’s a fair question; for the rest… !? After reading my post above, you fill in the gap.

Oh, and is it? Here’s my reply: “Juice Plus+ is better than organic!”

You see, every batch of Juice Plus+ is tested and certified to be free of every toxin known to man. Whereas “organic” produce may still have permissible (by the USDA) traces of insecticides, etc., Juice Plus+ does not.

Organic produce may be free of toxins, but if the produce is picked too soon, before ripe, the nutrient value will be much lower.  Juice Plus+ produce is picked at peak of ripeness and processed quickly, to retain the nutrient levels of the original fruits and veggies.

Juice Plus+ has earned the “seal of approval” from NSF International, “the Public Health and Safety Company.”

Lastly, the quality of growing and the process of manufacture also ensures that the essential nutrients remain intact and find their way into all Juice Plus+ products.

After 21 years of eating Juice Plus+ we sleep well at night knowing that we are getting “better than organic” fruits, veggies, berries and whole grains, every single day.