Prescriptions for fruits and vegetables instead of medication

In Louisville, KY Doctors are using prescription pads for more than just medication these days. The prescriptions have the same goal: to save lives, but instead of medication, it’s written for one share of produce.

“Just because you are small doesn’t mean that you are healthy,” said Meghan Callaway, who just signed up for the Veggie RX program.

Callaway says that’s the story of her life. “I used to say to people in high school…I’m the most out of shape skinny person that you’ll ever meet.”

But change is coming, Callaway and her two children just signed up for a pilot program called Veggie RX. It involves a 6 week healthy living class.

“We’ll be having some great hands on cooking classes, physical fitness training and also food justice classes,” said Karyn Moskowitz, executive director for New Roots.

Moskowitz says the program is administers through the non-profit organization.

“The best prescription for health is to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.”

Callaway’s family was the first to sign up, but more are needed. Moskowitz explained, “We have the opportunity for 40 more families to enter the veggie RX program.”

Moskowitz says just like a regular prescription, the Veggie RX should improve and even save lives. “The goal of the program is to prevent childhood obesity and to promote health and wellbeing.”

Families in the program will have access to fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow squash and more.

“We go directly to the famers,” said Moskowitz. By going directly to local farmer they’re able to cut out the middle man.

Moskowitz said, “So we are able to get large quantities for a very, very affordable price, but for this intervention and this project, families will be able to access the produce for free for six weeks.”

That sounds good to Meghan Callway. Now she is hoping the classes will help her make positive changes and set good example for her children. “I want them to have healthy eating habits and just make healthy lifestyle choices.”

Watch the video at WDRB 41 Louisville News.

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