How to Prevent Asthma

Acnording to a study involving more than a million kids suggests the striking worldwide variation in childhood rates of allergies, asthma, and eczema is related to diet.

This got my attention because 20 years ago (yes, that long ago!) I read an article along similar lines after I discovered that my own life-long asthma (after 45 years living with asthma like it was an extra, unwanted, limb) was virtually gone.

That article was in the UK Journal Thorax. I can no longer find the article, but this is a followup study published there.

In that original article the authors described their attempts to identify the cause(s) of the dramatic increase in childhood asthma in Britain since the 1960s. They eliminated all the most logical causes, including air pollution (which had improved during those 30 years) and concluded that the only thing that made sense was the dramatic increase in fast food consumption and corresponding decrease in fresh fruit and vegetable consumption.

If you have children with asthma (or related immune system challenges) or are an adult with the same, please watch this video.

Now THAT makes perfect sense! So what happened to me 20 years ago?

I had started taking Juice Plus+ in March 1993. I expected nothing; I only hoped that it would help my marathon running and soccer (I was nutty about both back then!)

Over the next 16 months my diet changed because my cravings changed.  Those little capsules were a ‘trojan horse’ for the green veggies I had never eaten in my entire life. As a result of me eating spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, etc. – both in capsules and off my plate – my immune system dramatically improved and my asthma went away.

Once an asthmatic, always an asthmatic (potentially) but my almost 100% remission continues – I am so thankful!