Workplace Wellness

Today’s is a guest post by Chandler Stevens.

There’s More To It Than Spin Class

The Data Are Clear

In this day and age you simply can’t do without a workplace wellness program in your business, large or small.

A healthy team is a productive—and economical—team. Conservative estimates place the ROI on wellness programs at just shy of $3 per dollar spent. Some programs bring up to 600% return on dollars spent. The benefits extend far beyond the financial. Healthy people are happy people, and a strong wellness program in the workplace can boost morale and keep your team motivated.

Workplace wellness is a no-brainer. This is your team, your tribe. It pays to treat them well. We all know that golden rule, right?

The Basics

If you have yet to implement in your business, you may be wondering: what goes into an effective wellness program? The most common components are:

-preliminary screening to identify risks

-interventions to address the screens

-promotional activities to facilitate healthy decisions

Most programs these days also add in group fitness or reduced-rate personal training for employees. Not rocket science, right? We simply test & retest, adjusting course as needed. Yet if it were this easy, every company would be implementing this on some level, right? What’s holding us back? By and large it has to do with…


Many employers feel that despite the mountains of evidence, their business will be the ONE exception to tremendous returns. I understand. The most common fear is that employees simply won’t take advantage of the program’s benefits. I’d posit that this is more a matter of how we motivate (or fail to motivate) our team. The motivation to engage in these programs can’t be based on carrots and sticks (I encourage every leader to read more on the subject here). Motivation to participate must be internal. Our role as facilitators is to tap into this internal motivation, demonstrating wellness as way to grow as individuals and an organization.

Next Steps

If your group has no program in place, what are you waiting for! Go out, get healthy, and grow as a team. If you have one, evaluate its efficacy. Test, retest, and stay hungry for improvement.

Chandler Stevens MCT, FMS is passionate about the transformative power of movement: physically, emotionally, and socially. 

He works with private clients and organizations, helping them move better, get stronger, and be better humans.

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