One Simple Change … to make you Younger


One Simple Change … then another… then another … can make you younger! Don’t we all want that? To look good, feel good and stay young – whatever our chronological age?! I know I do, even if it’s a bit late for me in the look good category (69 this summer!)

One Simple Change is our new program to help Inspire Healthy Living Around the World.

Since you and I can’t always see or feel prevention, we often turn to our doctor to order blood tests, scans, etc to see how we are doing on the inside.

Ever wonder if it’s all worth it? After sorting through all the conflicting information about what’s good for you and what’s not, are the things you’ve decided to do in the name of better health, actually doing any good?

Now you don’t have to wonder; iHeart claims they can tell you your age on the inside, your internal age, your biological age, in 30 seconds.

Make One Simple Change after another – with our recommendations below, then monitor yourself with iHeart‘s clever fingertip device and app and watch yourself get younger!

Interestingly, we heard last week about a major cardiovascular study of Juice Plus+  underway at none other than Cambridge University in England. This study will answer the question: “Can Juice Plus+ improve vascular and metabolic functions in overweight and obese adults?” It will study vessel calcification and elasticity, chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and much more. Of course, we already know the answer from the extensive body of research already conducted on Juice Plus+.