What is most harmful to your nutritional health?

Here’s an interesting survey conducted recently by Civic Science. Over 4300 adults were asked the following question:

“Which of these do you feel is most harmful to your nutritional health?”
– Added sugar
– Total amount of sugar
– Saturated fats
– Sodium
– Carbs
– Preservatives / chemicals
– GMOs
– I don’t see any of these as harmful to my health

The results appear in the pie chart. The top 5 fears are preservatives & chemicals, saturated fat, sugar (total & added), sodium, and GMOs.

Demographically, women are 44% more likely to be concerned about preservatives and chemicals compared to men. Affluent respondents are more likely to be concerned about added sugars.

The group most concerned with GMOs had the highest variation in lifestyle preferences compared to the general population. These folks actively seek out smaller grocery retailers,  are more likely to buy organic food, cook more often for multiple people.

This survey was conducted to inform food manufacturers and restaurants as to consumer sentiments, not to provide any clear scientific advice. Obviously there is not one element that is most harmful to someone’s diet. However, you will find that most junk food and restaurant food includes multiple elements from the list above, whereas most food cooked at home does not.

Eat more home cooked meals from whole foods, and you’re already doing lots for your nutritional health!