Dr. David Katz on Wellness

katzrecAt our recent Juice Plus+ Conference in Orlando we had an amazing presentation by Dr. David Katz on “Sense and Science”.

We in Juice Plus+ are proud to be associated with Dr. Katz, one of the most popular and respected physicians in North America today, and world famous Director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University.

In Men’s Health magazine recently, we saw the most recent public recommendation for Juice Plus+ by Dr. Katz.

He recommends we supplement our diets with “whole foods” not a synthetic multivitamin, because research is conclusive that vitamin pills do not work; yet he knows that Juice Plus+ works really well.

Dr. Katz has predicted that “this generation of children will be first to live shorter lives than their parents”, as a result of the epidemic of obesity and diabetes now affecting our children and young adults.

In an effort to turn back the tide of obesity, he created a classroom program called Nutrition Detectives that teaches children how to make healthier food choices.

He wanted to convert it from a slide presentation into a video, so that he could get the program into the hands of more schools, more quickly, and in a form that would have greater appeal to elementary school-age kids.

Dr. Katz had “big food” companies who were happy to underwrite the effort, but he understood their involvement might undermine the credibility of his project. So he turned to Juice Plus+ to bring his vision to life.

The result is a Nutrition Detectives DVD, which is now available to teachers and classrooms everywhere at www.NutritionDetectives.com.

A product of Dr. Katz’ non-profit Turn the Tide Foundation, the 53-minute video is available free as a “streaming” video online or as a DVD for a small shipping and handling charge. The entire production was arranged, overseen, and financially underwritten by The Juice Plus+ Company, working in close conjunction with Dr. Katz.

“I am profoundly grateful to my friends at Juice Plus+,” Katz says. “We are partners in the same mission: educating others about the importance of good nutrition and preventive health.”

An Associate Professor (adjunct) at the Yale University School of Medicine, David Katz, M.D. serves as nutrition columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine; as a medical contributor for ABC News; and as a syndicated health/nutrition columnist for The New York Times. He also writes a daily blog for Prevention magazine and has published nearly 100 scientific articles and chapters, as well as nine books, including a nutrition textbook used by the Harvard School of Medicine, among others. Dr. Katz was elected to the governing board of the American College of Preventive Medicine in 2002 and President of the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine in 2004.

Dr. Katz is one of thousands of health care professionals around the world who recommend Juice Plus+ to their patients, friends and family.