9 Simple Steps to Prime-Time Health (Dr. Bill Sears)

Why do some people on this planet live long healthy lives (many past 100), yet most die in their 70s or earlier? Modern research has given us some answers – watch this fascinating video above before proceeding.

For more than 40 years Dr. William Sears has advised two generations of busy parents on how to raise healthier families. He and his wife Martha have authored 38 popular books and countless articles on parenting and childcare, and he serves as a medical and parenting consultant for Baby Talk and Parenting magazines. Dr. Sears has appeared on over 100 television programs, including 20/20, Dateline, Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey, and The Today Show.

Now Dr. Sears offers Prime-Time Health: a healthy-aging program, based on his 16 years of experience and personal research since surgery for prostate cancer. His plan is scientifically proven to help you prevent disease, sharpen thinking, boost energy and take charge of your life.

Juice Plus+ is the only nutritional product Dr. Sears personally takes and recommends to patients and friends. It’s perfect for Bridging the Gap and Bridging the Generations.

As you invest in your own ‘prime-time health’, learn how to get Juice Plus+ free for your child or grandchild aged 4-18 or for your full-time college student by enrolling him or her in the Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study. Over the years we have enrolled 800,000 children in the Study in 14 countries – join now!

Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutrition in history, with more than 30 studies published in medical and nutrition journals and 12 more studies underway.

Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.

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