OUR BUSINESS: Back in 1990 I was in middle management with IBM, successful but dissatisfied. Jenny was an ex-teacher and full-time mother, who saw our sons heading off to college, and wondered “what next?”.  We were just like you in many ways.

Like most people, we started our home-based business part-time. We chose to represent this company because they were mature (now in business for over 43 years), successful (had been #1 with each of their 3 previous product lines) and innovative, never resting on their laurels.

The following year we realized the first of our goals: I left the corporate world behind, to become a Homepreneur. Nowadays the home-based business is a fast growing trend, even (perhaps especially) during the recession.

With success under our belts, six years later, it was a relatively simple decision to take our business on the road, because we have no store front, low overheads, no risk and very few restrictions. It may sound too good to be true, but it is even better than it sounds!

So we happily converted from Homepreneurs to RVpreneurs! The photo shows our home ‘office’ in the RV.

Four years later, we hung up our wheels and moved into our (first) dream home in the Rocky Mountains. Since then we’ve moved to be closer to our (now 6) grandchildren, and live in the beautiful home our sons built for us.

One big difference is our office ‘accommodation’!


We’re still working our business in very much the same way: sharing the gift of good health and helping some achieve the same freedom we did. One priority in our business is to educate people about good health through nutrition. We do this by sharing videos with people we meet. Those who are interested we connect with the company, which does the rest — shipping, billing, collection, customer service … and they pay us a finder’s fee every month, as those customers pay for their product.

We had no previous experience of any kind of business, but we’ve exceeded all our goals (beyond our wildest dreams), each of us attaining the top position with our company, with superb corporate-style benefits, and a freedom of lifestyle that is absolutely priceless. We now feel qualified to teach people our brand of Homepreneurship.

What about retirement? In truth, we are as retired as we ever plan to be! We love what we do; we work where we want, when we want, with whom we want, and we teach people how to enjoy this kind of freedom — this isn’t work!

We can’t say we deserve all these blessings, but we are very grateful to God for a business and for products that we are truly proud to share.

While you are here, please learn more about our unique Business Model.

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